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Dr. CAFÉ... An Innovative Project Made With Love

Dr. CAFÉ is a perfect example of innovation and hard work. How did the idea emerge? And where is it now? We are having a deep look inside this brand success story.


Yousef S. Al Rajhi, Dr. CAFÉ COFFEE Founder and CEO, has always had a passion for the aromatic beverage, but it wasn’t until he travelled to Europe that his love affair for the true coffee drinking experience took off.

It was a culture he knew he had to re-create back home on the Arabian Peninsula, as in the late 90s, there were no real coffee houses in the market, and the personal connection between the espresso cup and the daily routine was totally missing in this region.


In 1997, Yousef opened his first Dr. CAFÉ in a little kiosk at a mall, which was developed with all the nuances of a cafe, equipment, tools and methods. The cafe was a huge success and now, Dr. CAFÉ is a beloved international success.

Currently, the brand has 650 branches throughout the Middle East as well as the Asia–Pacific markets. By 2030, Yousef hopes to make that number skyrocket to 32,933 franchises. By continually achieving each of his three pillars of success, Yousef is confident that Dr. CAFÉ will meet this target.

Dr.CAFÉ Coffee Founder and CEO Yousef S. Al Rajhi offers five tips for entrepreneurial success:

1. Follow your passion and invest in it.

2. Read more, travel more and create an understanding that your core business your number one hobby.

3. Build a quality team. They are your real business partner.

4. Keep building a system.

5. Always give back to society, and don’t let your accountant control your relationship with your consumers and the community.

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