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Jayne-Anne Gadhia… A Successful Female Leader

Dame Jayne-Anne Gadhia, is an ex-CEO of Virgin Money UK, a veteran of the finance world and as of recently – an entrepreneur.

In an interview, she said that what inspired her to start Snoop was her desire to use technology and data to help people overcome the so-called £12 billion ‘loyalty penalty’ and the average household could save around £1,500 per year with Snoop on their phone. About transparency importance for Snoop she stated: "Transparency is super important, but I think of it more in terms of delivering clarity and understanding. Too many financial firms seem to hide behind lots of information and small print. Snoop doesn’t do small print. We avoid jargon and look to make Snoop easy to use, brilliantly simple, completely personal and exceptionally helpful." Gadhia added: "Snoop can serve in the interests of consumers with no agenda other than to help make them better off. And that’s what we aim to do day in, day out, by making their data work for them." In reply to a question about what we can expect from Snoop in the future, She said that people not only shared with Snoop smart ways to save money, but also clever ways to home-school and entertain the kids, tips for working from home, and smart solutions to help the local community. It was great to know that the platform could be helpful beyond money and financial management. So the future is all about building on a great start. Building a business with a strong purpose, fit for our times, and that our customers love. And that’s what we’re focused on every single day.

Jane-Ann Gadhia concluded her interview with a piece of advice for aspiring female business leaders, saying "Be yourself, identify your purpose and try and make a positive difference in the world."

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